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The Church

St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church is a beautiful church in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Aptly named after Saint Peter, the disciple that, prior to the Ascension, was a fisherman in Capharnaum.  And, later, Jesus said to Peter, "Come ye after me, and I will make you to be fishers of men."  In effect, setting in motion a cornerstone of the Christian faith. 

In addition to the many dimensions of Christian meaning, the church itself is located on a small hill, in Lincoln City, at 1226 SW 13th Street.  This congregation is relatively new, with a formal history that dates back to 1945 and a physical place of worship since 1966.  The current structure was built in the early 1980s, under the leadership of Pastor Larry Rohlfing.  Pastor Rohlfing retired in 2001.

The Church's sanctuary has three sections of pews and two center isles.  Behind the pulpit, there is a beautiful stained glass window in the east wall.  The stained glass highlights various aspects of Christian teaching and the setting of the church, near the ocean, in Lincoln City, Oregon.  An excellent description of its meaning, symbolism, and history is available on the church's website

Along the one of the other walls, there are several smaller stained glass windows, each of which further teaches to all who enter the sanctuary. 

On this page are photos of the church, taken in December 2006, the upcoming site of our wedding in March.