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Richard Hurst

We have asked Richard "Rich" Hurst to officiate our wedding.  Rich Hurst and his wife Kim Hurst have known Tana and the Olson family since the early 1980s. 

Sometimes known as the grandfather of Frontline, Rich Hurst currently ministers at the McLean Bible Church, in Vienna, Virginia. 

Over the past twenty odd years, he has ministered at University Presbyterian in Seattle, Washington, Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, and Heritage Christian Center, a multicultural ministry in Denver, Colorado.  Rich has also completed assignments for wide ranging and diverse organizations, including the Air Force, Adventist Singles, the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and well as congregations from nearly every denomination.

Hyperlinks to some of Rich's books and orations are included below.  All are worthy of review and reflection.  Perhaps reading these works may even prompt a question or two for Rich.

We are privileged, honored, and mostly grateful to have him officiate our ceremony.


Hurst has written and co-written many books on various aspects of Christianity, the Christian life, and ministering to youth.  Here is a selection of these works, below.  Each selection is linked to the relevant page on Amazon.

Courage to Connect: A Journey Towards Intimacy in Relationships. By Rich Hurst.

Goodnight Thing.  By Rich Hurst, Lois Rosio Sprague (Illustrator).

Intimacy - The Search for Significance.  By Rich Hurst.

Heritage Builders Foundations Guide Church Kit: Four Easy Steps to Establishing Heritage Builders in Your Church. by Rich Hurst

The Quest for Christ: Discipling Today's Young Adults.  By Ken Baugh, Rich Hurst.

Getting Real: An Interactive Guide to Relational Ministry.  By Ken Baugh, Rich Hurst.

Giving the Ministry Away.  By Terry Hershey, Karen Butler, Rich Hurst.

Five Alive.  By Peggy M. Wilber, Marianne Kendrick Hering, and Rich Hurst.

Got Food?: George Muller.  By Peggy M. Wilber, Marianne Kendrick Hering, and Rich Hurst.



Hurst has also delivered many sermons and lectures.  In many of these orations, while teaching an important life lesson, Hurst shares some part of himself or his life experiences.  You can share in this knowledge, as many of these orations are available online.  We have listed a selection of these works below, with hyperlinks.

    The Price Tag of Love.  On April 24, 2005, Hurst delivered a beautiful lecture on the lifetime journey of love.  Many parts of this sermon are directly applicable to marriage and building strong relationships.

    Worship Matters.  On November 13, 2005, Hurst delivered an oration about the three most important moments in life -- and how worship matters in all aspects of life.  While you will need to read his sermon for these three moments, he asks us to internalize and live I Corinthians 10:31, when it says, "So, whatever you eat or drink, and whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" -- a reminder about true purpose in all aspects of life.  This sermon is the closing sermons for a series on worship.

    It's all about Me.  On April 2, 2006, Hurst delivered a thought provoking sermon on notions of self and purpose.  This sermon was a component of a larger series.

    Purity.  On August 6, 2006, Hurst delivered this rousing sermon on Purity



Hurst holds a M.Div. degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.