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The Pacific Northwest -- as a Destination

The Wedding and Reception are in the Pacific Northwest, a beautiful part of the United States, worthy of your exploration.  Indeed, some of the greatest explorers ventured through these parts of the country, including Lewis and Clark.  One of the best websites for the Lincoln City area, is, OregonCoast.org Click here to be taken to this website.

We selected the following key attractions and activities, in the immediate vicinity, for your review and consideration. 

At Salishan

To enjoy your time here, you don't have to go very far.  Salishan itself has an excellent golf course and spa, as well as an indoor pool and exercise facility.  There are also shops at Salishan, near the spa.

Golf at Salishan.  There is a stunning 18 hole, par 72 golf course, built in the rugged Scottish tradition, with vistas, splendor, and refinement, at Salishan Resort, itself.  You can view a hole-by-hole tour, as well as information about the course, online at: www.oregoncoastgolf.com.  PGA professionals are available, onsite.  

Spa at Salishan.  There is a world class spa at Salishan Resort, itself.  The spa overlooks the calm Siletz Bay.  You can view the spa facilities, as well as make reservations online at: www.salishanspa.com.  The spa website organizes its offerings by elements, including:  Ocean Elements, Ancient Forest, Energy, and Coastal Garden.


Immediate Vicinity

Aquarium, Ocean, and the Sea.  Salishan is located just off the Pacific Ocean.  There are many ocean oriented activities in the immediate vicinity, including a world class aquarium, the largest sea caves, and under sea viewing.

    Sea Lion Caves.  The Oregon Sea Lion caves are the world's largest sea caves, at least according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  The caves are home to stellar sea lions, increasingly rare, nesting cormorants, pigeon guillemots, and rhinoceros auklets.  There is no other place like it, anywhere.  It is about 38 miles south of Newport, on Highway 101.  Telephone: +1.541.547.3111.  Website: www.sealioncaves.com.

    Undersea Gardens.  The Undersea Gardens has America's only undersea live theater, where you can descend beneath the surface of the sea to the viewing chamber.  Surrounded by 112 viewing windows and the aquarium itself.  View over 5,000 sea animals, as if in the natural environment. 
    Address:  250 S.W. Bay Boulevard, Newport, Oregon.
    Telephone: +1.541.265.2206.
    Website: www.marinersquare.com/undersea-gardens.

    Oregon Coast Aquarium.  Just 30 minutes to the south of Salishan resort, Oregon has its own world class aquarium.  If you are interested in the sea, or if you have brought your children with you, be sure to visit the aquarium.  The highlight is the Passages of the Deep, where you can stand on dry land and be surrounded by circling sharks, skates, and other deep sea denizens. 
    Address: 2820 S.E. Ferry Slip Road, Newport, Oregon.
    Telephone: +1.541.867.3474.
    Website: www.aquarium.org.  

Arts and Crafts.  There are many places to explore local arts and crafts in the area.  Our favorite is a short five minute drive from Salishan: the Mossy Creek Pottery Studio and Gallery.  Mossy Creek Pottery is located on six acres bordering the lush Siletz Bay wildlife refuge with a collection of over forty of the Northwest’s finest potters.
    Address: 483 Immonen Road, Gleneden Beach, Oregon, 97388.
    Telephone: +1.541.996.2415. 
    Website:  www.mossycreekpottery.com.

Beachcombing.  Visit the ocean at low tide, particularly after a storm, shortly after dawn and you may find agates, fossils, driftwood, artifacts, and every once in awhile, glass floats from Japanese fishing nets. Lincoln City has seven miles of beach to wander and wonder. Though do be aware of “sneaker waves”, sudden wave surges, and never turn your back on the ocean.

Gambling.  In the immediate vicinity, there is a casino.  In Lincoln City, the Chinook Winds Casino Resort offers Las Vegas style slots, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and more.
    Address: 1777 NW 44th Street, Lincoln City, Oregon. 
    Telephone: +1.541.996.5825. 
    Website: www.chinookwindscasino.com.

Fishing.  Fishing on the coast is about as diverse as you can get, from fly-fishing for steelhead and perch in local streams, to deep-sea charter fishing for halibut and salmon.

Kite Flying.  Lincoln City is one of the kite capitals of the world. Enjoy the exhilaration of feeling the wind through your fingertips. 

Lighthouses.  In the immediate vicinity, there are four Lighthouses that grace the Oregon coast between Tillamook on the north coast and Florence in the south.  The historic lighthouses have been restored and offer guided tours and interpretive centers in addition to some of the most amazing views of the rocky coastal shoreline.  The State of Oregon's parks and recreation department has an excellent brochure that highlights many Oregon lighthouses.  These four are our favorites.

    Cape Meares lighthouse.  This lighthouse was activated in 1890 and decommissioned in 1963.  The lighthouse is located at Cape Meares State Park, ten miles southwest of Tillamook on three Capes Loop road.  Telephone: +1.503.842.3182.

    Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  Situated on Yaquina Head, this 93 foot tower was built in 1873 and is Oregon’s tallest.  The lighthouse’s original first order Fresnel lens still flashes from the cliff 162 feet above the sea.  Telephone: +1.541.574.3100.

    Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.  The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is Oregon’s oldest existing wooden-frame lighthouse.  It was built in 1871 but only used for 3 years.  It is now a museum in Yaquina Bay State Park.  Telephone: +1.541.265.5679.

    Heceta Head Lighthouse.  Built in 1894, the 56-foot tall Heceta Head Lighthouse light still shines 205 feet above the waves and can be seen 20 miles at sea.  The keeper’s quarters are fully restored in their original Queen Ann style architecture.  It is located ten miles north of Florence and twelve miles south of Yachats.  Telephone: +1.541.997.3851.

Horseback Riding.  Horseback riding, filled with the memorably beauty of the Oregon Coast, are available from C&M Stables & Beach Rides.  Telephone: +1.541.997.7540.  Website: www.oregonhorsebackriding.com.

Sand Boarding.  All the new rage is sand boarding.  A variation of snow boarding on sand, Oregon has the first Sand Boarding park.  Beginner to advanced slopes are available, including jumps and rail slides on 40 acres of private dunes. 
    Address: 87542 Highway 101, Florence, Oregon. 
    Telephone: +1.541.997.6006. 
    Website: www.sandmasterpark.com.

Shopping.  Shop ‘til you drop at the outlet mall and experience shopping free of local sales tax. See www.oregoncoast.org/pages/shopping.html for more information about the stores available.

Wax & Oddities.  If you are interested in wax figures and wax renditions of history, there are two activities within the immediate vicinity:  Ripley's Believe it or Not and Wax Works. 

    Ripley's Believe it or Not.  This museum houses one of the greatest collections of oddities ever assembled. 
    Address: 250 S.W. Bay Boulevard, Newport, Oregon. 
    Telephone: +1.541.265.2206. 
    Website:  www.marinersquare.com.

    Wax Works.  The wax works lets guests experience a Lewis & Clark exhibition, a space wars exhibit, and more.  descend into history as it comes alive. 
    Address: 250 S.W. Bay Boulevard, Newport, Oregon. 
    Telephone: +1.541.265.2206. 
    Website: www.marinersquare.com.

Whale Watching.  Whales migrate along the Pacific Coast.  And, there are some Whales that are apparently local residents, as well.  We recommend watching in the world’s smallest harbor at Depoe Bay.  The local resident whales feed in the bay. Or, sail further into the ocean to watch the grey whales migrating north for the summer, which is a truly magnificent experience.  Chartering a whale watching experience is best done at: Dockside Charters
    Address: PO Box 1308, Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341. 
    Telephone: +1.541.765.2545. 
    Webpage:  www.newportnet.com/dockside

Wine Tasting.  In the immediate vicinity, there are many wineries, each with its own specialty.  There are two within the general vicinity.

   Eola Hills Winery

   Nehalem Bay Winery.  This wonderful old winery sits at the edge of the Nehalem Valley, to the north of Lincoln City, on Oregon State Route 53, near 101, north of Tillamook.

    Address: 34965 Highway 53, Nehalem, Oregon  97131. 
    Telephone: +1.503.368.WINE 
    Webpage: www.nehalembaywinery.com  

Others.  In the immediate vicinity, there are many other things to see and do.  If you are interested, we recommend either asking the front desk at Salishan Resort or consulting AAA's guide to Oregon. 


Area Dining

In the immediate vicinity, there are many many restaurants and eating establishments, at all levels.  On the coast, seafood of all kinds is highly recommended.  Salmon and Dungeness Crab are commonly found nearby.  And, be sure to save room for the world famous, Marionberries.  Marionberries are a distinct and unique berry, somewhat akin to either a Raspberry or Blackberry.  Marionberries are native to Marion county, Oregon.  Marionberries come on top of ice cream, or in a pie.

Here are some of our recommendations for good food on the coast.

The Bay House.  Just North of Salishan on Highway 101, this high end sea food restaurant serves excellent food. Expect to pay an average of $35 per entrée. Reservations recommended.
    Address: 5911 SW Hwy 101, Oregon. 
    Telephone:  +1.541.996.3222.
    Website:  www.thebayhouse.org

BlackFish Café. Probably the best seafood in Lincoln City. Prices are between $10-$20 an entrée.  The food is well worth the price! Reservations recommended. 
    Address: 2733 NW Hwy 101, Lincoln City, Oregon. 
    Telephone: +1.541.996.1007. 
    Website: www.blackfishcafe.com

Kylos Seafood and Grill. Another excellent seafood restaurant along the D river (the shortest river in the world!).

Mo’s. Just North of Salishan in Taft, along Siletz Bay. Excellent family style seafood restaurant. Among the fare available at Mo's, they are famous for their clam chowder and marianberry cobbler.
    Telephone: +1.541.996.2535.
    Website:  www.moschowder.com

Side Door Café. Live Theater, music, and great food. They specialize in northwest gourmet cuisine and desserts! They are located just across highway 101 from Salishan up the hill in Gleneden Beach.
    Address: 6675 Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, Oregon.
    Telephone: +1.541.764.3825.
    Website: www.sidedoorcafe.com


More Info

Want more things to see and do?  There are many formal and informal sources of information about Oregon and the Oregon coast.  Here are some of the websites that may be able to provide you with more to see and do in Oregon.  Many also offer one ore more books on the coast.  Also, consider visiting your local public library for the same information for your trip!

AAA.  The American Automobile Association produces well known guides about much of the United States, including Oregon.  AAA is only available to members.  AAA also has a website at:  www.aaa.com.  You can look up information about Oregon, order maps and triptiks, all online.  To use the website, be sure to have your membership card available.

Frommer.  Frommer's is another great source for travel information about Oregon and the Oregon coast.  Frommer's has a specific guidebook on the Oregon Coast, which is described on their website at:

About.  About has a webpage devoted to the Pacific Northwest, listing the top five books about the Pacific Northwest.  See:  gonw.about.com/od/travelplanners/tp/PNWguidebooks.htm.

The Lonely Planet.  The Lonely Planet is another great source of information about Oregon generally.  The Lonely planet has "blue list" information about Oregon at their website: www.lonelyplanet.com/bluelist/index.cfm?fa=main.listsAbout&keyword=oregon