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We recommend staying at Salishan Golf and Spa Resort.  Salishan is the location for the wedding reception.  Many wedding attendees will be staying at the resort.  Also, we have negotiated a wedding discount at Salishan, for two days before and after the reception.

Salishan Golf and Spa Resort is located in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.  To reserve a room, call Salishan's reservation line at +1.800.452.2300.  Ask for the Olson/Korosec wedding rate.  Unfortunately, the discounted rate is not available on Salishan's online reservation system.

Other Lodging Options

There are many other lodging options in the vicinity of both St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church and Salishan.  Most other lodging options are located in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Some are located in Newport, Oregon. 

There are very good lists of lodging options, including prices and quality, at the following websites: